Why Choose Aeratis?


_MG_7717-2bWhy should you choose Aeratis as the product to expand your reputation with?

The number one reason you should partner with Aeratis is, we have been making and selling Aeratis for over 10 years without one single product failure. Not one issue with rot, buckle, cup, warp decay or mold growth. What other manufacture can say this with confidence and prove it?

With an increase of demand for porches as an architectural feature of residential and commercial properties, what other product can you trust with your reputation.  Aeratis is the ONLY engineered product that is guaranteed against the effects of thermal expansion and contraction. This means, we guarantee that an Aeratis porch will not buckle, cup warp or rot. No other synthetic product will give you or the property owner this guarantee. Add to this, Aeratis is the only synthetic product that does not require even air flow or ventilation. How many decks, porches, gazebos or walk ways are on grade? Aeratis is the only product that will warranty these installs.

Aeratis was engineered for the porch. No other product in America was specifically formulated to take on the moisture, extreme temperature variation, use and little to no ventilation that comes with the design of a porch. Contractors often ask why Aeratis performs so well… The answer is simple, Aeratis was engineered to do exactly what it does.

To add to the benefits of expanding your reputation, how many manufactures offer a rejuvenation option for their product. Accidents happen, products get mis-used or abused and when this happens, people need help. Aeratis offers you or the homeowner the ability to rejuvenate the product back to the beauty and luster it was the day it was installed. See the care page at Aeratis.com for full details.