Product Education

What Happened To Wood?

Old growth wood is a thing of the past. In an age of fast-growing, cheaply processed lumber, Aeratis provides a beautiful and durable solution.

Many porch floors and exterior living spaces flooring have survived since the early to mid-1800’s. After replacing it with fir, pine or mahogany, replacement seems to happen within 2 to 3 years on a few boards and a complete replacement within 4 to 6 years. Many property owners face cupping, buckling and checking before the final coat of paint or stain is even put on the installation. This causes us to question, why did the first porch on a house last for well over 100 years, but now I am replacing so frequently?

Wood Porch Floor 3 Years Old

The answer to this question is simple: wood is no longer grown for 150 to 200 years before being cut down and turn into flooring boards. Old growth timber practices are not sustainable, and quick growth timber practices yield low density materials that just cannot survive in a horizontal heavy use environment like a porch.