Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find stainless steel fasteners?

There are several stainless steel fastener companies making staples, T-nails, L-Nails and trim head screws. Simpson Strong Tie is possibly the largest and easiest to find. Click here to view the recommended fasteners by Simpson.

I have installed Aeratis boards and they seem to be scuffing easily...

Please note: During the manufacturing process a Polyethylene Wax, CAS No: 68441-17-8, is used to help lubricate the product as it passes through the die. In most cases, when your Aeratis boards are installed, the surface of the product is covered by a clear wax.  Over time this wax will dissipate or will be removed through use and cleaning. This wax could have the appearance of being scuffed if you drag something across the floor. If the product is redwood, it can appear to be more prominent due to the contrasting colors. These scuffs will go away as the wax goes away. If you scuff your Aeratis porch and the color appears to be white or a light color, it is only a scuff and it will go away. If you scratch it and the color of the board is prominent in the scratch, it is a scratch and it will not go away. For scratches and stains see the rejuvenation option.

Is there a wholesale distributor near me?

Please review our supplier’s map on this link…SUPPLIER MAP. If do not have a supplier near you, please call us and we can work out an LTL shipment to your location through one of our many wholesales distributors.

Does Aeratis absorb water?

Aeratis porch products are non-hydroscopic. The water absorption in a testing lab shows less than 1.21% of it’s weight is increased when fully submerged in water for over 30 days. This is a fraction of all other PVC, PPE and PPP products. Let’s Talk about this one..

What kind of fasteners should I use to install Aeratis?

Best practice is always stainless steel. However, the pressure treated wood that you are fastening the Aeratis to dictates the type of fastener material.

What type of paint should I use when painting the Traditions products?

DO NOT USE OIL BASE PAINTS. See the Aeratis painting instructions link here for a complete list of recommended paints and stains.

How do I fasten the Universal Porch Plank?

Face screwing the boards is the best practice. You can get a list of color matching screws by clicking on this link.

Can the Traditions Twenty-Four ceiling board be installed 24” OC?

ABSOLUTELY! Follow the recommended installation instructions for 24” OC and you can cut your per square foot installation cost by up to 7 dollars per square foot over our competitors.

Where can I buy Aeratis?

Aeratis can be purchased at almost any retail lumber yard or home improvement center in the US and Canada. Have your local retail store review the suppliers map and they can pick a wholesale distributor to contact to provide you with a quote for your project.

Does Aeratis require product ventilation?

Neither your Aeratis porch floor, nor ceiling, require ventilation. If you are fastening it to a wood substrate, this wood may need to be ventilated.

Can you make Aeratis waterproof?

Aeratis is the only product that not only offers a recommendation for waterproofing a porch, but will warranty the performance of the product when installed per recommendations.

If my Aeratis porch is damaged, do I have to replace it?

No, you can follow our rejuvenation recommendations and bring almost every issue back to looking like it did they day it was installed.

What should I use to fill any face nail holes?

DAP Blend Stick is the best filler for face screws.