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PorchesA well installed and maintained Aeratis porch will last over 200x longer than today’s standard wood. By following the simple care procedures below, you can guarantee the unparalleled beauty and integrity of your Aeratis porch.

Our porch flooring is made with PVC and other materials. Aeratis uses the latest emerging PVC technology to provide a beautiful product with performance far superior to wood or other composite materials. Coupled with a great appreciation for historic, traditional design, Aeratis strives to make products for the building industry that stand up to the scrutiny of the most discerning traditional architects, builders, and consumers. Aeratis Classic PVC porch flooring carries a Class “A” fire rating and can be used on covered and uncovered porch applications.

1.) During transportation or the installation process your Aeratis boards could appear to be scuffed on the surface. If the scuff mark is not the color of the board and is a creamy white there is not a problem with the product. During the manufacturing process, we use a wax to lubricate the die. Sometimes this wax is more prominent on some boards than others. This wax will dissipate and the creamy scuff marks will disappear with them.

2.) Just after Aeratis has been installed we recommend you completely clean the surface of the product with a broom and mop. Once you have done this, we recommend using Murphy’s Oil soap (diluted as recommended) and use a sponge head mop and bucket and evenly apply and clean the surface of your porch floor. Once the surface is completely coated it may be slippery for a few hours after applications. Please make sure you follow recommendations on the bottle.

3.) Periodically, sweep and remove debris from the porch. Since your porch is an exterior living space, please feel free to vacuum your porch. Make sure to follow vacuum cleaner instructions.

4.) On stubborn spots, first return to the use of Murphy’s Oil Soap. If this does not work and you feel it is necessary to power wash your porch. Set the power washer to the lowest setting and hold the sprayer nozzle a minimum of 6” to the surface (do not get any closer). Go to a corner or inconspicuous place on the porch and increase the pressure to a setting that is cleaning the surface, but not damaging the finish.

5.) Use of rubber-backed mats can have adverse effect on your porch floor. There are some mats that can cause discoloration. We have tested hundreds of mats and very few actual cause an issue. If your mat causes discoloration simply remove the mat from the area and the product should return to it’s normal appearance within a few weeks.

6.) Use rock salt, calcium chloride or warm water to melt ice. Be sure to be careful walking on any icy surfaces as they can be slippery.

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    Aeratis is the first synthetic product that offers you the option of rejuvenation.  We understand that accidents can happen and your porch can be damaged. We are cognizant that everything fades over time.  We also understand that at some point in the future you may change your mind on the color you want your house and porch to be. When we engineered Aeratis, we made sure that we could offer you the greatest range of options with the least amount of hassle.

    Benefits and Why Rejuvenation is a Perfect Solution

    With Aeratis you never have to worry about buckling, cupping, warping, checking or rotting.  In addition, the surface of Aeratis was engineered to allow certain paints and stains to chemically bond to the surface. This bond is much different than the absorption bond that happens with wood. The bond is very similar to putting PVC glue on PVC pipe. The bonding from the recommended stains and paints really gives you the option to bring the color and accidental damage back to its original beauty and luster.

    Scratches & Scuffs

    Depending on the severity of the scuff or scratch, almost any defacement can be fixed or rejuvenated because Aeratis is color-through and not a capped product. The first step for all scuffs or scratches is to asses the depth. If it is a scuff and superficial, using Murphy’s Oil Soap (as a lubricant) and a 0000 steel wool pad, you can remove any scuffmark.  Pour the Murphy’s on the area, then using the steel wool, rub the scuffed area with the grain, rubbing at least 1 foot either side of the scuffed area.

    For more sever gouges or deep scratches from heavy appliances, building materials or furniture, a heat gun may be needed. To use a heat gun, we recommend getting a sample board and mimicking the defacement. Then take the heat gun and hold it about 6″ away from the face waving it back and forth until the scuff starts to soften. Then take a piece of steel wool (0000) and press the area and mold the surface. Then after the defacement has been fixed, reheat the surface and then use a secondary sample piece to press against the defaced piece recreating the embossing patter on the surface.

    Rejuvenation from Years of Heavy Use or Fade

    As much as we would like to tell you that Aeratis will not fade and it will never show wear we just cannot do it. Many synthetic manufactures lead the public to believe that their product will not fade or show wear, this is just not true.  The combination of the sun, rain, snow, heat, human traffic and wild parties can take a toll on any man made or natural product. How is Aeratis different than all the others? We offer you the ability to rejuvenate your Aeratis porch to like new again.

    Rejuvenate your Porch from a Chemical Spill

    In years past, if you were to accidentally spill paint thinner or a harsh chemical onto your painted wood porch, you would just have to repaint. In today’s world of synthetics, this is not the case. An accidental spill of a harsh chemical can potentially ruin your porch if you are not an owner of an Aeratis porch. With Aeratis, we offer the flexibility for you to rejuvenate your porch.  Simply follow our instructions for rejuvenation and your porch will look like it did the day it was first installed.

    Rejuvenation from Accidental Drops or Defacing

    In many cases, a heat gun and a little shaping can perform miracles on drop damage, drag damage or general defacing. Sometimes when you drop a 1400 lbs. stainless steel refrigerator on it’s corner just before entering the front door, it seems that nothing can fix this issue.  If the heat gun does not work… Due to the dimensional stability of Aeratis you can remove just one or two boards and replace them WITHOUT taking up any more boards other than the damaged one or few.

    Rejuvenation Stain Colors using Behr Stain

    (See paint instructions for a complete list of stains)

    BEHR_WhiteCedar BEHR_WeatheredWood BEHR_Redwood BEHR_BattleshipGray