Additional Materials


Glue for Butt Joints & Trim

Oatey_Heavy_Duty_GlueIn some cases, during your install you will have to butt Aeratis end to end. Typically, this is called a butt joint. In almost all cases that Aeratis is installed parallel to the house, you will have butt joints. If this occurs these butt joints must be glued together and screws must be used to secure this butt joint.

Recommended:   Oatey Heavy Duty PVC Cement
Website: Click Here


Joist Adhesive for Porch Flooring and Porch Ceiling

joistadhesiveAs a best practice we recommend using a joist adhesive in addition to fasteners when installing Aeratis.  There are many brands of construction adhesive on the market today. When selecting the best construction adhesive make sure the adhesive is a urethane exterior construction adhesive.

Reccomended: Loctite® PL® Premium® Polyurethane Construction Adhesive

Website: Click Here


There are many different factors that will influence your choice of fasteners. Please know, the chemical composition of the Aeratis product is not one of the items. More often than not, the chemical used to tread the wood that you are fastening the Aeratis boards to plays the biggest part in making this selection.  In a nutshell, the chemicals in the wood break down the fastener material over time if you don’t choose the right fastener material type.

Pneumatic Fasteners


Recommended Stainless Steel Staples
Simpson Strong Tie: Website
Stanley Bostich BCS1516: Website

These fasteners can be purchased at your local lumber yard.
Or for online purchasing: Click Here

T and L Nails

Stainless Steel “T” or “L” Cleats

Simpson Strong Tie: Website

 Hand Driven


Trim Head Screws
GRK Fasteners: Website
Screw Products: Website


Common Used Material Types:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Galvanized
  • Coated Fasteners: Typically these screws are protected by a coating.
  • Steel: This materiel will rust over time. Never use this to fasten your Aeratis boards
  • Aluminum: Never use this to fasten your Aeratis boards
  • Brass: Never use this to fasten your Aeratis boards
Color Match Screws

allscrewsRecommended: Starborn Industries

  • Battleship Gray – Warm Gray #54
  • Weathered Wood – Tan-Gray #31
  • Redwood – Mahogany #82

Website: Click Here

Hole Fillers

For filling screw holes in AeratisIn some cases you may be forced to use face screws during the installation of Aeratis. To fill these holes, it is best to use a plug maker and make your own plugs and then glue the plugs into place. If you do not have a plug maker, we suggest using the following products:

For color-through Aeratis products—

Recommended:  DAP 4-Pack Blend Stick Dark Woods
Website: Click Here



Paintable hole filler for Aeratis Traditions Flooring & Ceiling—

Recommended:  BONDO® WOOD FILLER, QUART, 20082
Website: Click Here

Products for Installing Trim

Oatey_Heavy_Duty_GlueWhen installing trim we recommend using a trim head screw every two feet in addition to the Christy’s Red Hot White Vinyl Adhesive or Oatey heavy duty PVC cement. If the right adhesive is used and the trim head screws are used, the trim pieces can be used in almost ALL applications.

Recommended:   Oatey heavy duty PVC cement
Website: Click Here

Matching Caulk

OSIRecommended: OSI

  • Battleship Grey: (Aged Pewter) OSI #569
  • Weathered Wood: (Alcoa Sawmill, Alcoa Cellwood Hickory, Alcoa Timberstone, Alcoa Sash Brown, Alside Earthstone E7, Heartland Sawmill, Napco Brown Vinyl Window) OSI #315
  • Redwood: (Edco Cedarwood, Gentek Coastal Redwood) OSI #223

Website:  Click Here


Recommended: DAP

  • Weathered Wood – Dap Brown BR314
  • Redwood – Dap Brown BR 132

Website: Click Here

Paintable Caulk for Making Traditions Water Tight

caulkRecommended: GE 10.1-oz White Paintable Silicone Window and Door Caulk
Website: Click Here

Waterproof Membrane

graceWhen installing Aeratis in a waterproof application, it is best to use a peel and stick membrane that can be penetrated (creates a gasket around fasteners) by fasteners. When creating a waterproof application, know we do not recommend using a floating floor system over the membrane. Treated wood has a tendency to warp and this can occur in a floating application.

Recommended: Grace Ice and Water-shield HT
Website: Click Here

Check Out Our FAQ

Don’t worry, there’s a lot to learn. Before getting frustrated, check out our Frequently Asked Questions for answers.

Check Out Our FAQ

Don’t worry, there’s a lot to lear. Before getting frustrated, check out our Frequently Asked Questions for answers.